Will Young - “I Just Want A Lover”

Unfortunately, this Will Young album only had two good songs on it — but this was one of them! (The other, of course, is the almighty "Jealousy."

This video, at long last, answers the question “What if Robyn’s ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ had featured a shopping cart?” It is, well, pretty excellent.

Popjustice - The Will Young album is almost indescribably brilliant

Typically hyperbolic PJ review, but the headline is, Richard X has finally produced an entire pop album for someone, rather than just a track here or a track there, and it’s Will Young (the gay male Kelly Clarkson of Britain). The first single, “Jealousy,” is a stomper-grower, if that makes any sense. It doesn’t blow me away but I kinda want to listen to it over and over anyway? This is gonna bear looking into when it comes out / leaks.

EDITED TO ADD: Tom is correct in pointing out that this, of course, would be Richard X’s first entire album for someone who is not himself (RICHARD X PRESENTS HIS X-FACTOR VOLUME 1 is a seminal album for me in my love affair with pop and if you’ve never heard it then you really, really need to do something about that aspect of your life). A single-artist album is still different from a compilation, so I stand by my previous description.