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OK, so this is gonna be a must-read: Rihanna’s label are flying one hundred press flacks to seven countries in seven days, on Rihanna’s tour plane, to document her album-launch press tour. Popjustice is one of those journalists, and they’re blogging about it. This is either a chance to do an AMAZING week of posts about the modern pop machine, OR it is a chance for Popjustice to do that thing where they skirt up to greatness and then get really, really lazy and don’t do anything with it under cover of being nonchalant. So, uh, don’t do that last one, and this is gonna work out great, guys.

Batman Running Away From Shit

Most important blog of the day, obviously.

Calling Your Girlfriend | The Hairpin


Ten years ago this month, New York City writer Matthew Perpetua launched Fluxblog, a combination of music criticism and personal writing that’s provided a template for thousands of mp3 blogs created since. By the end of 2002 it had settled into daily song reviews and downloads, an elegant formula that’s been a defining influence on music criticism written for the Internet. Perpetua, now an associate editor at Rolling Stone, went on to contribute to publications like SPIN, New York magazine, Pitchfork, and many others, but still writes daily for the site that got him started.
On one hand I think it’s hella Niles Crane and a little murderer-y to curate a “look” but on the other, I’m seeing purrrrrrrfect slender micro-patterned ties with gingham shirts, the SICKEST olive M-65 parkas, shawl collared cardigans, chambray, twill, toggles, perfect-length Henley plackets, non-dickhead bowties, epaulets, and even slight club collars (GAH) on dudes who up until turning thirty thought it was maybe OK to wear skate shoes.
[Obligatory ‘bro’ reference]


A couple guys ahead of me in Greenberg are doing that no homo thing of leaving an empty seat in between them. In fucking Greenberg.

(PS. Spoiler alert! Ben Stiller’s character is actually Jennifer Jason Leigh.)




(Oh and thanks for spoiling Shutter Island for me earlier. Your justification for doing so was not at all inadequate!)

(And yes you are on the receiving end of my bitch gun today because somebody had to be.)

My favorite thing about your mayor, for whom you voted and whose lawn sign you put in your front lawn to let the neighbors know and whose pancake breakfasts are your favorite pancake breakfasts, is not his compulsive fame-whoring that he passes off as a community service. It is not even the fact that he wrote about his dick in a book. Millions of Americans write about their dicks in books every day. (That may not be true but it feels true.)
Oh. My. God. You. Guyz. Last night was the Twilight: New Moon premiere in Hollywood, California. Is anyone else’s head falling off, or is it just me over here? HELP! MY HEAD! The only thing that I would like almost as much but not as much as going to prom with a mythological vampire who is in a surf battle with the magical werewolves over the entrance to my human vagina would be to stand for hours in a mass of strangers screaming in my ears and holding up homemade signs that read like cries for help. Just kidding! That sounds like a nightmare! I will stick with just dreaming about make-believe swamp thing prom, or whatever. But here are some of the people who don’t think that is a nightmare, and who in fact think it is very fun and something that is worth doing even if you are an adult. We should all be so lucky as to find something in this world that makes us happy, even if it happens to be this thing!
It’s Time (For Me) To Say Goodbye « Idolator: Music News, Reviews, And Gossip

Sigh. The good things always end. Thank you for everything, Maura.



Dear Tumblr Friends*,

I’m hoping to self-publish the book Live Wrong and Prosper: Your Morals for A Million, partly because this game never gets old to me and partly because I have a backlog of hundreds and hundreds of questions I’m excited to share with the world. I’m using Kickstarter to raise the money for publishing costs, and I’m asking for your help; by donating anything you can – even, say, $1.00 (and every donation is much appreciated) – I can get this book made. Plus, you get rewards – prizes of sorts – for giving! If you’ve enjoyed the blog at all – and I really, really hope you have – I hope you’ll give whatever you can to help me complete the book.

To check out my Kickstarter page and watch me ask random strangers on the street some Live Wrong and Prosper questions (Note: Apparently, most people would NOT eat a bowl of their own shit for $1M) please visit http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/easylover/live-wrong-and-prosperthe-book.

I appreciate any help, including just reblogging this.



* We are friends, aren’t we?

This is a thing that everyone reading this should do.

My Thoughts On Everything Related To Tumblr Forever And Ever

You could get really upset and freaked out whenever Tumblr adds a service or feature you find weird.

Or you could just use the damn thing the same way you always did and disregard any and all bullshit that comes across your path.

Just sayin’. The “Create post” button still works, right? Cool. Let’s not shit bricks about our Tumblarity or our Tumbling-bling or our Tumbotron or whatever nonsense they wind up stapling onto a perfectly functional frame.

P.S. This same message applies to listening to / reacting to the idiotic ramblings of supposed “all-star” Tumblr people that — trust me, I know from experience — you can very easily choose to ignore completely while living a full and satisfying life.

Please help support Matthew and his Fluxblog by buying one of his limited-edition FluxTees (via catbird).
I bought the insanely charming “Comic” version by John Cei Douglas.


Please help support Matthew and his Fluxblog by buying one of his limited-edition FluxTees (via catbird).


I bought the insanely charming “Comic” version by John Cei Douglas.

Here Comes Madness

Michael Kupperman is blogging now. Please delete all of your other bookmarks, you’re only going to need this one from here on out. (Kupperman is the creator of the almost unbearably funny SNAKE ‘N’ BACON’S CARTOON CABARET and TALES DESIGNED TO THRIZZLE. Yes, there are strip samples on the blog.)

Vicky, I think this guy might be right up your alley. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe you don’t even have an alley, and maybe you don’t like things up it. But if you do, you should try this out and see how it feels.

New coat of paint.

OK, I know it’s considered deeply uncool to read anybody’s Tumblr from anywhere other than the Dashboard, but I’ve put a new theme on mine that I’m pretty happy with, although I’m still tweaking a few things. The most important bit is that I have gone through my archives and tagged pretty much every post, because I’m crazy. You may enjoy perusing the Suggested Topics list in the sidebar. This feels like a real blog now — which probably means I’ll lose interest in it in a couple of months! Yay!

Tagging all of my posts revealed to me that I still haven’t posted about dinosaurs as many times as I’ve posted about Sarah Palin, but we will get there, America.

Well, this is a nice car. The wheels look fantastic and it rolls along fine. Priced competitively it should show american auto makers even more that their gas guzzling ways are as ancient as trilobites. One day I may be able to afford one of these. Not now though because I’m the poorest person in Louisville, KY. No really I’m about to file for unemployment. So hopefully 10 years from now I’ll be able to be a preowned Insight for a few thousand dollars cheaper than MSRP. Oh yeah, did anyone hear about the new Nintendo DSi? Sounds pretty cool! Not available till 2009 though. Big :( on that one. Other news is that there are a lot of racist people on XBOX Live. Just thought I would give everyone a heads up on that one. In case you didn’t know already. Posted by: donnie7 | Oct 2, 2008 12:59:06 PM